Biochemistry is a new branch of science. It is a combination of biology and chemistry in which we wanted to know the life process in the process of biology with the chemical reaction. Biochemistry become as a separate discipline when scientists combined biology with organic, inorganic or physical chemistry and began to study such topics as how living things obtain energy from food, the chemical basis of heredity, and what fundamental changes occur in disease. Biochemistry is applied to medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. With the help of this branch of science we can study of biological process as growth metabolism and heredity etc.


  • B. Sc. (Bio-chemistry)
  • M. Sc. (Bio-chemistry)
  • M. Tech. in Biochemistry
  • M. D. (Biochemistry)


       For B.Sc, 10+2 (P.C.M or P.C.B) with 50% to 60% marks is minimum qualification. For higher study B.Sc. with 50% marks, for M.Sc. and M.Sc. for PH.D. is minimum qualification.

  B.Sc. (Bio-chemistry)

  1. B.Sc. In Biochemistry is a three year graduation degree program. It is entry level course in this field.

 M.Sc. (Bio-chemistry)

M.Sc. is a four semester two year program in which Bio-organic chemistry, biological chemistry, human psychology etc subjects are mainly teaches.

 M.D. (Bio-chemistry)

M.D. Biochemistry or Doctor of Medicine in Biochemistry is a three years post graduate Biochemistry course. In this course of Biochemistry study of the structure, composition, and chemical reactions of substances in living systems etc are teaches.


            M.B.B.S. with minimum 55% marks. Some colleges and institutes conduct entrance examination to get admission to Degree course.

Career Objects

There is a broad opportunity for the biochemists. The requirement of professionals of this field is always in pharmaceuticals Industry, Hospitals, agriculture, research institutions and educational institutes etc, therefore biochemists can find job in medical institutions, pharmaceuticals industries and in agriculture research institutes Hospitals, Biotechnology Firms, Agricultural Research Services, Chemical Industry, Chemicals Manufacturing Companies, Colleges/ Universities, Food Institutes, Heavy Chemical Industries, Laboratories, Medical Research, Medical Laboratories, Industrial Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Companies, Indian Civil Services, Petroleum Companies, Research and Development Firms, Seed And Nursery Companies. Biochemist can work as Assistant Professor-Clinical Biochemistry, Tutor Demonstrator Physiology Biochemistry Anatomy, Consultant Biochemistry, Research Scientist-Analytical Biochemistry, Junior Residents-Biochemistry, Trainee Medical Coder, Laboratory Technician Biochemistry, Medical Technologist, Lab Technician, Customer Lab Service, Associate-Microbiology Biochemistry, Consultants-Clinical Biochemistry etc.


There is no bar for earning in this field. A fresher can earn about Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000 per month at starting. It has growth with time qualification and experience. An experienced biochemist can earn up to Rs 1, 50,000 and even more per month.