If any person wants to go in field of medical then it is no necessary to become doctor. Pharmacy is providing another away to go in medical field. Pharmacy is afield related of medicine which provides many way of career.


  • Pharm. – Bachelor in pharmacy is a four year bachelor degree program.
  • Pharm. – Master in pharmacy is a two year post graduate degree program.
  • Diploma – Pharm. is 2year diploma course.
  • D. – Doctoral degree programme.
  1. Pharm.

             Bachelor in pharmacy is a four year bachelor degree program. Many institutes and universities organize their entrance test for admission in B.Pharma course. Bachelor in pharmacy or B. Pharm. is a full time undergraduate degree course which is completed in four years. This degree is compulsory for everyone who wants to take up pharmacist as a career.  Pharmacy is the profession that ensures that the right pharmaceutical drugs are used for the right purpose and the right amount it used. So pharmacists are the links between human beings and chemicals. They are the ones who ensure that the end consumer benefits from the advancement that pharmaceuticals have made.

  1. Pharm.

         Master in pharmacy is a two year post graduate degree program. After doing M. Pharma. course a student can do research.


            For B.Pharma, 10+2 science group (PCB/PCM) is minimum qualification with a minimum of 50% and either mathematics or biology as the major subject. Students who have completed their Diploma in Pharmacy are also eligible to take up this course at the undergraduate level. In many states, there are also entrance exams that are conducted for entry to this course, and B.Pharma is minimum qualification for M.Pharma.

Career Options

     Pharmacy is a very broad field. After B. Pharmacy a student can make his career in manufacturing, quality control or marketing field. After 18 month experience he can able to manufacturing of medicines, government, hospitals also provide services for pharmacists. After M.Phama one can works in Industries in educational institutes. There are many job options are available in international companies. M.R. (Medical Representative) is a soft career for this field. There are also many other career options for students with a B.Pharma  degree like drug inspector, medical representative, lecturer, customs officer, data manager, researcher, medical transcriptionist, analytical chemist etc. The other fields where students can enter are drug control administration, food and drug administration, hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, research agencies, sales and marketing departments, health centers and educational institutions. Pharmacists can work as Medical Pharmacist, Industrial Pharmacist, Retail Pharmacist or Research Pharmacist.

            The technician’s jobs are open to diploma holders while graduates opt for retail and hospital jobs. Post graduates and doctorates are selected for research, production, quality control and management positions. There is a broad field in MNCs for professionals of this field and there is no limit for earning it is depend personal quality and experience.


 Salary in the government hospitals varies between Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 22,000 as basic salary. On the other hand salaries in private hospitals and clinics are much better. Salaries in this profession also depend on the level of seniority and vary from department to department.


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