Foot wear design

Footwear’s are help to groom up personality like as dress. So the demand of foot wear technology professionals is grown up as fashion designers. This field is provides jobs in both national level and on international label. So there is more job options are open for footwear professionals. Leather technology is fast changing. The courses in leather technology are designed to career to the specific requirements of the industry and enable a candidate to fit into a specific job. Leather industry of India is the fourth largest leather industry in the world which not only offers attractive products to consumers in India but also around the world. The leather industry also offering attractive career objects.


There are both undergraduate and post graduate courses are available a full time programmes for this field.

  • B.Tech
  • M.Tech


B.Tech in footwear design is a three year under graduate programme. In this period fashion merchandising and retail management, fashion designing, footwear technology and management and leather goods and accessories design programmes are completed.


 10+2 in any branch is minimum qualification for B.Tech. Background in chemistry is beneficial for the candidates. In footwear designing, admissions go through an entrance examination conducted by institution or FDDI.


This is two year post graduate programmers in footwear technology. During this period, fashion merchandising and retail management, footwear technology and management. Creative design and CAD/CAM, leather goods accessories design, visual merchandising and communication designing, productivity and quality management etc, subjects are taught. After this course a student can join Ph. D. program. ,

Job Options

In this field many jobs options are open. One can work in designing, pattern making, research and development, manufacturing works quality control, marketing etc.The footwear professionals are appointed in many footwear designing and manufacturing companies at both national and intentional as- BATA, ACTION, LIBERTY, KEECUPER,REDTAPE, RELAXO, REDCHIEF etc. Trained professionals are always demanded in related fields. This field is give very span field of earning.

Pay/ Earnings

Earning in leather industry is highly dependent upon the skills of the candidate. Most of the leather companies are in private sector, therefore, the pay is different. Big multinational companies pay attractive salaries to their employees. A fresher leather technologist can earn a starting pay between of Rs 20,000 to Rs. 50,000 more per month. It is increased with experience and time. An experience designer can earn between Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 per month even more.